Saturday, May 9, 2009

Brighton Borders School of Vraja Program

Posted by Indupati dasa


The event Friday 30th January was a monumental, groundbreaking, profound success said in all humility acknowledging that Srila Gurudeva is the doer.
We had 150 + guests.
We sold more than 60 copies of the CD book School of Braja.
Srila Gurudevas and Srila Prabhupads books on display and for sale.
Borders is going to stock all Srila Gurudevas books and Srila Prabhupads Gita on Sale on return basis.
They want to do a follow up event in an outside venue.
They also want to facilitate us and host us doing events for the community and especially the youth in Borders.
People came from all over the UK to participate, including many of my earliest contacts from when I began doing events 10 years ago.
Everyone loved the event and my contact from Borders were amazed by our coordiantion and enthusiasm.
The event was an example of nice team and networking.
Gangamatas and many others came to help, we had Srila Gurudevas mercy all over.
I got about 40 email address which I will forward for the Harikatha list.
We had raw food and prasadam distribution going on at the same time.

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  1. Jai excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!More of the same please!
    Jiva Pavana Dasa